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Gitega International Academy retains staff members who combine scholarly achievement, exemplify high moral principles, show concern and compassion for others, and an awareness of the Academy’s aim and purpose: Integrity, Excellence, Leadership. At Gitega International Academy we believe that the best way to teach is to first be an example. Second, a great educator must continue learning throughout life. For this reason all staff are committed to self-improvement and critical thinking.

Position: Headmaster
Name:  Opondo Nangira Benjamin
From: Nairobi, Kenya.
Education: B.Ed. (Arts), Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya
About Benjamin: Mr. Opondo is a committed educationist and an enthusiast in leadership with over ten years of teaching experience in diverse cultures. Mr. Opondo has held a position of Head of Languages department in Kenya for four years, and in Somalia for three years. He has also served as an ESL expatriate in Ethiopia for one year. Prior to his nomination to the post of the school Headmaster, Mr. Opondo had demonstrated apt leadership skills as an ESL teacher for two years. He is an alumnus of YALI East Africa Regional Leadership Center. Mr. Opondo enjoys serving in the church as an Evangelist, empowering young people with leadership skills and offering additional help to colleagues and other people in general. Mr. Opondo lives and works at GIA with his lovely wife. He staunchly believes that if change has to occur, then it has to be through the young generation.

Position: Deputy Headmaster

Name : Leonce Nsengiyumva

From: Bujumbura, Burundi

Education: BA, Uganda Christian University, Kampala, Uganda
About Léonce: Mr. Nsengiyumva studied at Uganda Christian University in Kampala, Uganda, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Education, Development Economics, and History. He previously worked in several schools in Burundi as a School Administrator and taught secondary school History in both Uganda and Burundi. He has also served as the Academic Dean at GIA. Léonce believes that good education is the foundation for economic, political and social progress.

Position: Residence Director
Name: Désiré Nibigira
From: Gitega, Burundi
Education: BA, Uganda Christian University, Kampala, Uganda; National University of Burundi, Bujumbura, Burundi
About Désiré: Mr. Nibigira earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications at Uganda Christian University in Kampala, Uganda, and studied Commerce at the National University of Burundi in Bujumbura. Previously, Désiré worked as Communications Director with the Anglican Church of Burundi in the Diocese of Gitega for two years as well as with the UNHCR assisting Burundian refugees returning from Tanzania for five years.

Position: Ag. Academic Dean
Name: Ignatius Mutiso
From: Nakuru, Kenya
About Ignatius:

Position: Accountant / Administrative Assistant
Name: Benigne Nduwimana
From: Bururi, Burundi
Education: EBS, National University of Burundi, Bujumbura, Burundi; BA, Global University, USA
About Benigne: Mrs. Nduwimana received her Bachelor of Science in Biology from the National University of Burundi in Bujumbura, as well as her Bachelor of Arts in Theology from Global University in the United States. Benigne previously worked as an accountant administrative assistant in Bujumbura. She is currently a teacher and co-pastor at Assemblies of God Church in Gitega, where her husband Jerome is the lead pastor.

Position: Secretary
Name: Agnes Kamene
From: Kenya
Education: Diploma, Busia Teacher’s College, Busia, Kenya
About Agnes:

Position: Senior Teacher and  Teacher: Business and ICT   
John Mark Muyingo
Kampala, Uganda
Bachelor of Commerce, Makerere University Business School, Kampala, Uganda; Diploma in Business Education, Kyambogo University, Kampala, Uganda
About John Mark
: John Mark earned his Diploma in 2002 and began teaching while earning his Bachelor of Commerce.  He graduated in 2007 and since then has worked as an accountant and business teacher.  John Mark began working at GIA in September 2014. He loves teaching practical business skills to his students in order to prepare them for the future.

Position    :  H.O.D Languages

Name         :  Patricia Timba  

From          :  Uganda


About Patricia:

Position    :  H.O.D Humanities

Name         :  Gerald Isajah   

From          :  Uganda


About Gerald:

Position    :  H.O.D Sciences

Name         :  Bowman Kaseso Awuor  

From          :  Kenya


About Kaseso:

Position    :  H.OD Fundamentals/Teacher:  Kirundi and                                    Leadership

Name         :  Longin Nzeyimana   

From          :  Gitega, Burundi.

Education: BA, National University of Burundi, Bujumbura, Burundi
About Longin:
Mr. Nzeyimana earned a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Pedagogy at the National University of Burundi in Bujumbura. He previously taught English at Musinzira and Bukirasazi Secondary schools in Gitega, Burundi, and also initiated and supervised English clubs at both schools. Longin is happily married and a proud father to one precious daughter and enjoys encouraging students to learn and develop useful life skills at a young age.

Position: Teacher: English
Name: Zainabu Saidi Gasuvu
From: Busia, Kenya
Education: Diploma, Busia Teacher’s College, Busia, Kenya
About Zainabu: Zainabu earned her Diploma in Primary Education from Busia Teacher’s College in 2014.  She previously taught at Mauko Primary School in Busia, Kenya.  She is happily married and enjoys interacting with her fellow staff and the students of GIA.

Position: Teacher: French

Name: Leonidas Ndikumana
From: Bujumbura, Burundi
Education: BA, University of Burundi, Bujumbura, Burundi
About Leonidas: Leonidas earned a Bachelor of Art in French in 2003. Since 2004 he has been working as a teacher at Bujumbura French International School, Lycée Municipal Gikungu, Institut Secondaire Polivalent, Lycée de la Comibu, and now at Gitega International Academy.  He has also worked as part of the Coopération d’Echange en Matière Linguistique Educative et Culturelle (C.E.L.E.C.). Leonidas is happily married and the proud father of two children.  He is proud to be helping students improve their French to get along better in the world.

Position: Teacher: Math and Physics

Name: Betty Nannono
From: Kampala, Uganda
Education: BS, Kyambogo University, Kampala, Uganda
About Betty: Betty earned her Bachelor of Science with Education in 2013. Since then she has worked as a Physics teacher in Seeta High School Mukono and Lugazi Homeland School. She loves interacting with young learners and teaching them new things.  She hopes to guide and counsel them as they learn and grow.  In her free time Betty enjoys watching T.V., taking nature walks, and spending time with family.

Position: Teacher: General Science
Name: Teresa Nyaanga
From: Mombasa, Kenya

Position    : Teacher: English
Name         :  Pacifica Moraa
From          : Kisii, Kenya
Education: Diploma, Busia Teacher’s College, Busia, Kenya
About Pacifica:

Position     : Teacher: English
Name          : Vivian Akoth
From           : Kisumu, Kenya
Education  : Diploma, Busia Teacher’s College, Busia, Kenya
About Vivian:

Position        : Teacher: Physics, Maths and Astronomy
Name             : Jotham Musiime
From              :Uganda
Education    :
About Jotham:

Position: Teacher: Geography
Name: Gilbert Kalemera
From: Rwanda
About Gilbert:

Position: Teacher: Maths and Physics
Name: Isaac Matagala Muhanguzi
From: Uganda
About Isaac:

Position: Teacher: ICT
Name: Jules Nkurunziza
From: Gitega, Burundi
About Jules:

Position: Teacher: ICT
Name: Olivier Nahayo
From: Gitega, Burundi
About Olivier:

Position: Teacher: Psychology
Name: Nzeyimana Melance
From: Gitega, Burundi
About Melance:

Position: Teacher: Physical Education
Name: Ladislas Niyoyitungira
From: Gitega, Burundi
About Ladislas:

Position: Teacher: Music
Name: Ezekiel Nduwimana
From: Gitega, Burundi
About Ezekiel:

Position: Teacher: Physical Education
Name: Edward
From: Gitega, Burundi
About Edward:

Position: Teacher: French

Name: Chantal Niragira
Gitega, Burundi
Licencié en Pédagogie Appliquée, Agrégé en Langue Française, Burundi University, Bujumbura, Burundi
About Chantal: Chantal earned her diploma in 2010. Since then she has worked at Lycée Comibu Gitega, Lycée Musinzira Gitega, and at Gitega International Academy. She came to GIA because it is an international school and the French language is one of the most important international languages.  She wants to help the students of GIA to be able to express themselves in French.


Position: House Father
Name: Ferdinand Nkurunziza
From: Karusi, Burundi
Education: Lyceé Gitega, Gitega Burundi
About Ferdinand: Mr. Nkurunziza grew up with a single mom and four sisters, and has been determined to engage with Burundian youth in order to encourage their develop into exceptional leaders. Ferdinand trained in English and teaching at Lyceé Gitega, and loves to worship through singing.

Position: House Mother
Name: Lysa Diandra Ndayirukiye
From: Bujumbura, Burundi
Education: Studying for a BA at the University of Burundi, Bujumbura, Burundi
About Lysa: Lysa has been working as a houseparent at GIA for 2 years.  She is currently working on completing her BA in English Literature from the University of Burundi. Lysa loves spending time with the students and serving as a stand-in-mom.  She hopes to advise and encourage students to become the future leaders of Burundi—especially Christian leaders.

Position: House Mother  
Joyce Niyonkuru
Bururi, Burundi
Bachelor of Education, Hope Africa University, Bujumbura, Burundi
About Joyce: Joyce graduated with her Bachelor of Education in December 2013. In September 2014 she began working as a House Mother at Gitega International Academy. She is passionate about working with the students—counseling, encouraging, and making them feel loved.  She loves just listening to them and hearing their stories. Joyce enjoys the fellowship of her co-workers, friends, and family from around Burundi.

Position: House Mother
Name: Clementine Kubwimana
From: Kigali, Rwanda
About Clementine:

Position: House Father
Name: Innocent Nimubona
From: Gitega, Burundi
About Innocent:

Position: House Father
Name: Justine Kabura
From: Bujumbura, Burundi
About Justine:

Position: Librarian

Name: Rebecca Ntanyungu
From: Muramvya, Burundi
Education: Teachers Training School, Bukeye, Burundi
About Rebecca: Ms. Ntanyugu has served as a primary school teacher in Bujumbura and Bugendana as well as at Future Hope School in Masenga, Gitega, which is run by Burundi Youth For Christ. Rebecca earned her primary school teacher’s diploma at Teachers Training School in Bukeye and trained in teaching methods, strategic planning, financial and administrative management, and non-violent conflict resolution with Care International Burundi.

Position: Kitchen Manager / School Store Manager
From: Mimy Ndayishimiye
From: Bujumbura, Burundi
Education: Complex School of Kanyosha, Bujumbura Burundi
About Mimy: Mrs. Ndayishimye studied management at Complex School of Kanyosha in Bujumbura, and trained in management at Turame Community Finance. Mimy also studied computer science at Rwanda Computer Technology in Kigali.

Gitega International Academy would like to extend gratitude to the number of volunteers from around the world that have helped to make GIA the best secondary school in Burundi. These volunteers include:

Position: School Chauffeur
Name: Doudoune
From: Makamba, Burundi
About Doudoune:

Position: Gatekeeper
Name:  Sylvain
From: Gitega, Burundi
About Sylvain:

Builders Without Borders: Florida, USA
Casey Eickoff: Texas, USA
Kevin Hill: Arizona, USA
John Mendoza: Arizona, USA
James Johanson: Texas, USA
Tyson Young: Texas USA
Patrick Boller: Alberta, Canada
Thomas McElroy: Alberta, Canada
Theresa Hickey: Texas, USA
Rachel Leifeste: Texas, USA
Grace Nambuya: Kampala, Uganda
Eliza Tew: South Carolina, USA
Charlotte Morrow: South Carolina, USA
Dan Hopper: Texas, USA
Michael Madison: Texas, USA
Golder Misiko: Kenya
Steve Owen: UK
Helena Worrall: UK
Ulrike Radunz: Germany
Sharon Lo: Hong Kong
Claire Aufhammer: Texas, USA
Kennedy Muoki: Kenya
Danielle Wuttke: Tasmania, Australia
Ryan Wekenman: California, USA
Doug Wekenman: Colorado, USA
Ethan Matott: Colorado, USA
Matthew Fons: Colorado, USA
Dave Surridge: London, UK
Alexis Gitungano: Bujumbura, Burundi
Russ Bennett: South Carolina, USA
Gregg Schmedes: South Carolina, USA
Josh Guenther: Alberta, Canada
Nadine Guenther: Alberta, Canada
Craig Guenther, Alberta, Canada
Brian Leifeste: Texas, USA
Sarah Tandy: South Carolina, USA
Leslie Hamilton: Texas, USA
Patricia Cobb: Texas, USA
Karen Sparks: Texas, USA
Sallie Leifeste: Texas USA
Anton Van Schaiwyk: Gitega Burundi
Diane Van Schaiwyk: Gitega Burundi
Dutliff Snyman: Johannesburg, South Africa
Bård Wagan: Oslo, Norway
Bjorn Whitmore: New York, USA
Callum Melluish: West London, UK
Phil Corden: Chorleywood, UK
Dean Edwards: Alberta, Canada
Melissa Edwards: Alberta, Canada
Hayley Macmillen: California, USA
Ladd Serwat: Idaho, USA
Carley Serwat: Idaho, USA
James Cook: London, England
Caleb Sinn: Alberta, Canada

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