The GIA library is the training ground for our students to encounter ideas and work with them through the lens of Scripture Two of the most common questions related to libraries today are “Will we have physical books in 10 years?” and “Now that we have Google and the Internet, do we even need libraries… Continue reading GIA LIBRARY


GIA chapel is our favorite time of the week. There is a reason Jesus instructed us to “come as a child.” Children worship with abandon and have a faith that is contagious. Each week we gather to praise and learn about our great God and His plans for us. Our teachers and students look forward… Continue reading GIA CHAPEL


Whether your interest is painting, sculpting, drawing, photography, printmaking or design, the fine art studio concentration allows for wide exploration that challenges students both technically and creatively. An interdisciplinary approach to visual thinking and critical making, work in Gordon’s studios gives the maximum amount of individualized portfolio production possible.

Science Lab

At GIA, The science program provides necessary background and skills from which students can become scientifically literate in order to make responsible decisions. The classes actively involve students in problem solving, qualitative and quantitative analysis, and verbal and written communications. But it is also important that students develop an appreciation of science as a process… Continue reading Science Lab

Godly Leaders

What is Godly Leadership? GIA CHAPEL The Goal: The goal(s) of a godly leader are – of course – to give glory to God. And thankfully, God gave us the Bible as our playbook. Scripture helps guide godly leaders to inspire godliness in others, move people to worship, honor Jesus and promote love for all… Continue reading Godly Leaders