Builders Without Borders has been a great friend to Gitega International Academy. Their involvement in the planning, construction, maintenance and outfitting of the school are greatly appreciated. Without the contributions of Builders Without Borders and their donors, GIA would not exist.

Along with establishing Gitega International Academy, Burundi Youth for Christ runs Homes of Hope orphanages in both Gitega and Cibitoke, as well as the Future Hope School, a primary school in Gitega. BYFC was pioneered under the leadership of Freddy Tuyizere in 1998, and was officially chartered in 2003 at the YFC International Conference in Brazil. The vision remains that the hope for Africa lies in training the youth to be leaders of integrity.

Great Lakes Outreach is a charity that works for the spiritual and physical development of the people of Burundi and has provided funding aiding in the development of Gitega International Academy. They partner with local Christian organisations to share God’s message and fund sustainable projects that transform lives.

GLO was founded in 2003 by Simon Guillebaud in response to massive needs of the country after recognising the potential for strategic co-operation with local partners.

The Villages of Life has provided financing and computers for Gitega International Academy. Their vision is to build villages consisting of 15 homes that will accommodate 15 widows and approximately 90 orphans. Each house will provide shelter for 6 orphans and a parent that gives a sense of structured family life where once there was none. A school for 300 students servicing the village and the surrounding population, a TAFE workshop for carpentry, metalwork and sewing, as well as a medical center are also part of the vision, and will serve to develop a more integrated community. Building materials and construction will be sourced locally, boosting the local economy, generating much needed employment, and fostering a sense of inclusion within the wider community.

The Fields of Life Trust has been an asset for GIA by offering training and assistance with recruiting. The organization has been working in Uganda since 1995. Their first project involved setting up a farm near Kampala, in an area once known as The Killing Fields. In 1997, at the request of local villagers, they built a school, Fields of Life Academy. The Fields of Life Trust now builds schools, drills wells, and provides health education and income generating projects in some of the poorest areas in East Africa, including Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya, the Congo and Uganda.

Edmonton Youth For Christ initiatives include teen mom programs, youth events, recreational clubs, feeding programs, drop-ins, and more as they continue looking for ways to serve the community, the poor, schools, and elsewhere. Their goal as an organization is to help the young people of Edmonton discover their unlimited potential and use that potential to positively affect themselves, their peers, their schools, and their communities. Edmonton YFC inspires this generation to adopt serving as a way of life, getting them out of their i-pod and Facebook world to experience the richness of giving instead of getting.

We cannot thank Casey Eickhoff enough for her dedication to assisting with the branding of Gitega International Academy. She is a talented graphic designer based in Austin, TX who donated her time to design the crest for GIA.

James Johanson has been an integral resource helping with strategic planning and website maintenance for Gitega International Academy. He is an author and strategic consultant in San Antonio, TX and his hard work assisting Headmaster Hill from the United States has made the success of GIA possible.

Tyson Young, Web Design