Checklist for School Items

The following are the school items that a student of GIA should have at the beginning of a new academic year:

Classroom Requirements

1 Box of Pens

Class Note books (Depending on how many subjects the students shall be taking)

A Scientific Calculator

A Set of Colored Pencils

A School Bag

Geometrical (Mathematical) Set


Dormitory Requirements

Bathing Soap & Washing Powder


Sanitary Pads (For Girls)

Pyjamas or Night dress for the girls

Sports Wear (2 Pairs)

Sport Shoes (2 Pairs)

1 Water Bottle)

Black shoes (2 Pairs)


2 White Uniform Shirts

2 Uniform Trousers/Skirts

2 Black Belts for the Boys

2 Pairs of Socks


2 Pairs of Bed Sheets or more if need be

1 Torch

A Mosquito Net

1 Tie (Cost is 20,000 Fbu)

2 Pullovers (Cost is 50,000 Fbu each)

1 Bucket or Basin for Laundry



For other kind of Clothes (Casual Wear)

2 Pullovers

3 Shirts & 2 Pants

2 Pairs of Socks

Hair cut MUST  be done according to school rules and regulations

Parents MUST confirm that they have taken their kids to the optician


After any form of break in the school, or any communication from the school, parents are requested to inquire from their child/children the items he/she needs to come back with from this list.

Campus Gates shall remain closed @ 4:00PM, therefore organize to have your children arrive at the school with the necessary items or have them delivered on time.


By, Residence Manager.